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Welcome to my Blog!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Welcome to my Blog!

Well Met! I am Emily Rose, a cat lady, a Leo, a gypsy, a witch-in-training and also just a regular 24 year old broke girl and I will be posting on a variety of earthy, holistic, health and witch related topics! I am a bubbly emphatic eclectic old soul in a young body living in the attic of an old house downtown in a small city in the middle of nowhere; just starting to discover the world of magick, herbs, oils, crystals, sacred geometry, astrology, divination and so much more! I made this blog so I could not only have a place to gather all helpful information on all my favorite topics, but also to share with you things old and new!

I recently opened an online shop called A Witch In The Attic. This has been a dream of mine for a while that through the encouragement of my friends and family as well as my own hard work and determination has finally been made into a reality! It's very small right now but it's growing! I sell a variety of products, my personal favorite being my homemade altar kits- themed multi-use spell kits that include everything you need plus instructions to do a variety of rituals, such as Good Fortune, Protection and Strength, Healing, and Opening Your Third Eye. I also sell Teacup Candles, wire wrapped jewelry and homemade body products!

Please check it out, maybe favorite a few things!
I'm also on instagram as @awitchintheattic and on facebook as A Witch In The Attic! Connect with me! I'm very interested in becoming acquainted with like minded souls.
Thank you and Blessed be

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