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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Daily Tarot

Today our card is the Ten of Staves! I was a little sheepish to draw this card this morning because it represents being overburdened and working too hard! (Which is exactly what I have been doing) 😧The active energy of the suite of staves is held back by this card, which can lead to frustration. The nature of the Ten of Staves suggests that some of these burdens are not yours willingly, that they may have been put upon you by an outside influence and therefore the attitude toward them is a resistant one. 🙏 Lighten your load! The appearance of this card invites you to put first what is really important and to find ways in which other burdens may be eased. This can be achieved by asking for help, delegating responsibilities that should not be yours, and most importantly by making a simple change in your outlook towards these responsibilities, accepting that which you must do, and things that you have allowed others to pile upon you must be cast off. 

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