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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Full Moon Astrology 8/18

As we draw nearer to the full moon and Lunar Eclipse on thursday I thought I'd provide a little insight on the current astrology and what this means to you.

As Venus squares to Saturn, we might have a feeling of isolation, being alone, misunderstood and needing to connect with people who really respect our values. If you need support, guidance or comfort, now would be a good time as Venus enters with good communication, understanding and patience.
Venus in Virgo is about refining, purifying, polishing, ways to make our talents and passions work for us in the world. Venus is a deeply psychological and emotional planet, representing an increase in understanding and insight. You may feel empowered with the coming of the full moon, more validated at work, more understood by your partner. Venus also rules how we handle money, and how our self-worth ties into how successful we can be.
Clear out all of the negative emotions and things you are holding onto while we move into Aquarius, as aquarius is a positive force with potential and direction. 

Remember: the full moon is a good time for completion as it is at its fullest and is strongest right now which encourages good communication, moving past fears and attachments, and seeing the results of your actions. This is a time to set good things in motion! If you have been flip flopping back and forth on a decision, this is a great time to harness the decisive energy of the moon and lunar eclipse into helping you make a change. 

If you have any questions feel free to comment!

Blessed be!

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