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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Daily Tarot

Today our card is the Ten of Staves! I was a little sheepish to draw this card this morning because it represents being overburdened and working too hard! (Which is exactly what I have been doing) 😧The active energy of the suite of staves is held back by this card, which can lead to frustration. The nature of the Ten of Staves suggests that some of these burdens are not yours willingly, that they may have been put upon you by an outside influence and therefore the attitude toward them is a resistant one. 🙏 Lighten your load! The appearance of this card invites you to put first what is really important and to find ways in which other burdens may be eased. This can be achieved by asking for help, delegating responsibilities that should not be yours, and most importantly by making a simple change in your outlook towards these responsibilities, accepting that which you must do, and things that you have allowed others to pile upon you must be cast off. 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Stress Sick Tea Recipe

Sorry for not posting for a few days, I got sick with cold/strep symptoms: a sore throat, swollen nodes, headache, body ache and so I went home to my parents house to let my mother take care of me and went on a fast of everything except water and this sick tea composed of lemon, honey, cayenne pepper, ginger, and chamomile. This Stress Sick Tea Electuary is one of the new items that will be available in my shop in the update later this next week.

But, to make your own basic similar sick tea, here's a recipe.

Boil two cups of hot water, pour into heat-safe mug.
1 lemon, cut in halves.
1 Tbs. powdered ginger or several slices of ginger root, whichever you have is fine.
1 Tbs. honey or to taste
1/2 tsp. of cayenne pepper or just a dash if you can't handle that much.
a tea bag of choice: peppermint, chamomile or green tea all have medicinal properties and could help the taste.

Lemon will help detoxify your liver and is chock full of Vitamin C, Calcium and other vitamins and minerals that will help your immune system fight off bad bacteria.
Ginger is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, can help with indigestion and nausea, bloating and boosting the immune system.
Honey is antibacterial and antifungal which can help fight off infection and also soothe your sore throat.
Cayenne is one of the most important and powerful ingredients in this tea, as a cold-busting and bacteria fighting antifungal and anti-irritant it can also help with headaches, digestion and help produce saliva.

Another important thing to do when you're sick is NOT TO EAT SUGAR OR PROCESSED FOODS! I personally just fast with water and this tea, but if you can't do that, eat soups or soft foods without too much dairy or sugar.
Hope this recipe helps you! Namaste!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Full Moon Astrology 8/18

As we draw nearer to the full moon and Lunar Eclipse on thursday I thought I'd provide a little insight on the current astrology and what this means to you.

As Venus squares to Saturn, we might have a feeling of isolation, being alone, misunderstood and needing to connect with people who really respect our values. If you need support, guidance or comfort, now would be a good time as Venus enters with good communication, understanding and patience.
Venus in Virgo is about refining, purifying, polishing, ways to make our talents and passions work for us in the world. Venus is a deeply psychological and emotional planet, representing an increase in understanding and insight. You may feel empowered with the coming of the full moon, more validated at work, more understood by your partner. Venus also rules how we handle money, and how our self-worth ties into how successful we can be.
Clear out all of the negative emotions and things you are holding onto while we move into Aquarius, as aquarius is a positive force with potential and direction. 

Remember: the full moon is a good time for completion as it is at its fullest and is strongest right now which encourages good communication, moving past fears and attachments, and seeing the results of your actions. This is a time to set good things in motion! If you have been flip flopping back and forth on a decision, this is a great time to harness the decisive energy of the moon and lunar eclipse into helping you make a change. 

If you have any questions feel free to comment!

Blessed be!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Tarot Reading Revealed

Well Met! Today is a lovely new day! I have some insight for you on preparing for the full moon throughout the rest of your weekend and the beginning of your week!

If you haven't picked a card, head back one post to ground your energy and pick the card that suits you best.

If you picked Card #1
The Ten of Pentacles is a very fortunate card, dealing with abundance, success, security and signifying that you are being treated very well in the way of material wealth right now. It also symbolizes a desire for permanence, stability and a lasting future. Change is an unavoidable part of life, but constant change is uncomfortable. We need a stable environment and to be working towards a secure foundation in life. Choosing this card may signify that now may be the time to settle down and make arrangements that will work for you far into the future and for the rest of your life.

If you picked Card #2
Seven of Vessels (reversed)
This card is very different from the first card as it is ever moving, forming and reforming, representing creativity and imagination, creating fantasies and wishful thinking, perhaps lacking focus and commitment and just flitting from one idea to the next. It can also signify that you are being offered many choices, standing in a field of possibilities and having the opportunity to look at them all and choose whatever calls to you most. Be careful though, because the reversed nature warns of being disorganized, lazy, indecisive, procrastinating and neglecting your health. Having fun and being free is important, but don't let yourself become stagnate.

If you picked Card #3
Ace of Pentacles
The ace is a symbol of possibility, growth, trust, and prosperity. The appearance of this card in a reading shows that a seed of productivity has been planted in your life although you may not yet recognize it. This seed could take many forms, it could mean finding a center within yourself, a focus and clarity to put your effort and personal power into achieving a goal. It could also represent a gift, opportunity, encounter or event, some synchronisity or colliding of forces.
When you recieve the Ace in a reading, examine your life to see how you can ground your energy and solidify your life. This is not a time for drama, fantasizing or daring. It is a time to be real and center yourself. Build a foundation of trust within yourself and with those that are close to you. Seek out comfortable, reliable experiences that make you feel secure. Focus also on the natural world to stay grounded, make sure to take walks, go hiking or camping, spend time in parks, etc. As much time away from cars and offices and streetlights as possible.

This was such a fun reading to do! Please comment with some insight on your card and how it answered your question or helped provide guidance. Blessed be!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Tarot Reading for this weekend and a GIVEAWAY on Monday

Let's pick a card to guide you through the weekend and to the beginning of your next week. Please, close your eyes. Relax. Take several deep breaths and a minute to ground yourself.
Pick one of these three cards:

Tomorrow I will reveal the three cards after you have had a day to ponder the questions you have going into this weekend and prepaing for the full moon next week. What do you want to know? What subject would you like some insight into?
Also mark your calendars, because on Monday morning (8/15) I will be hosting a givaway on instagram for a Healing Altar Kit and free 5-card tarot readings with this deck.
These cards were pulled from my new deck, the Tarot of the Cloisters, an old, out of print deck bought used for me as a gift from a loved one. I'm just getting to know this deck so I will be awarding free readings from this deck, so I can learn the cards and how to communicate them better as well as hopefully provide guidance to others and spread a little more understanding and peace. How to get a free reading? Comment on my blogposts, subscribe by email, go follow my instagram and enter my giveaway, like and comment on a couple pictures, share the giveaway, i'll be messaging several like-minded souls to do a reading for them as a thank you for spreading the word.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Crystal Spotlight: Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is known as a 'universal bridge' for its high vibrations and transferring energy rapidly. It is great for opening yourself up to others, promoting positive communication and providing a base for transfering (both giving and receiving) healing energies. Very good for meditation as it aligns the chakras and and brings about a calming state.
Kyanite is one of only two minerals (the other being citrine) that do not retain or build negative energies, making it excellent to aid in clearing and cleansing other crystals, as it doesn't need clearing or cleansing itself.
Wearing or using Kyanite can inspire loyalty, co-existence and fair treatment of others. It is very useful in working through disputes and repairing damaged relationships. In work situations Kyanite can help bridge the gap between different ideas and opinions, encouraging good communication and teamwork.
If you have lost your way or your direction in life, Kyanite is very useful in helping you sort your thoughts and dreams and figure out where you want to go. It can also help break cycles of self destructive behavior. Wear over the heart to help examine all aspects of yourself and provide guidance.

Blessed be!

Just a side note, I have wire wrapped Kyanite healing pendants in my shop! These are high quality crystals that have been personally wrapped by me. Check them out! and use the code GRANDOPENING for free US shipping!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tarot Reading for the week:

Hello everyone! I'm looking for a new job right now which can be exciting but also definitely a struggle! So I thought I'd draw a few cards for some guidance and strength. Here's what I came up with! It's always good to take a look at what you're doing and how you'd like to change it, and hopefully it will speak to you as well. This also fits in very well with the advice from yesterdays post about 8/8!

Card one:  Two of Wands
Question: Why did this happen?
The Two of Wands shows a need for a fresh start, to explore new places and to follow your dreams. The last stage of your life you spent doing or being something and being very good at it. Now, you have a desire to step out of your comfort zone, stretch your reality and explore unfamliar territory.
This card indicates that you may be facing a major change in your lifestyle, that you have outgrown the boundaries you previously placed on yourself and you are ready to reach out and make those changes. 

Card two:  Ten of Swords (reversed)
Question: Am I on the correct path?
This card represents the end of a difficult time in your life, that the pain and stress you have been plagued by is coming to an end, and that the road ahead of you is rising above the darkness you previously were surrounded by. Material things become less important and the spiritual journey closer and more connected to you than ever.
Reversed, the ten of swords reminds us that for real changes in your life to be lasting, they must take root inwardly as well. Everything about the situtation and the attitude behind it needs to be examined before you move forward.

Card three:The World (reversed)
Question: What is the main obstacle facing me?
The World card is all about completion and renewel and represents a shift in your perspective and new beginnings. 
When reversed, the World suggests that events may be slowing down for you, things may feel stagnant, you may be frustrated by being on a plateau or blocked from moving forward and up. 
Don't let yourself get too hung up on this, because there are changes happening underneath the surface that you aren't able to see or feel. Once you are able to empower yourself enough to move forward, these changes and possiblities will make themselves known to you.

Card four: Knight of Pentalces (reversed)
Question: What is helping me?
Your approach to life must be simple and straightforward. Stay grounded and you will reap the benefits of your hard work and discipline. 
Reversed, the card suggests that lately responsibilities have been weighing too heavily and because of that you have been stressed and burdened. Shed that which you do not need to worry about and concentrate on the things that matter!

Card five: Four of Cups
Question: How can I continue making progress?
This card in a reading suggests that help will come from an unexpected source. Keep your eyes open for all possibilities because the solution to your problem may come about in a surprising way. It is your responsibility to pay attention when these opportunities arise because they aren't going to wait around forever. Be wary of your own stubbornness and determination to do things your way, as your way may not always be the most effective. 

Hope this was able to help you as much as it did for me!
Blessed be!

PS: found this tarot spread outline and questions in a post on tarotforum.net , reading by me.

Monday, August 8, 2016

8/8: a day for Empowerment!

Good Morning everyone! Today is 8/8 which I recently learned that in Numerology, the number 8 brings personal empowerment in the material world. Don't make the mistake of thinking this is only about money! This is a time to celebrate your own personal power, to take a hard look at your short and long term goals and realize that you have the energy and strength to manifest them if you retain a strong sense of self. Know that all goals take hard work!

Today is a great day to look at your finances, and if they are not where you need them to be, sit down and make a plan to get them where you want them! Same goes with your body and your diet! You are a beautiful human being and you should take the best possible care of your self! 8 is not a soft number but symbolizes work and strength and logic. If you aren't where you want to be then take a hard look at what you're doing. Are you eating right? Are you getting enough exercise, enough sleep? If you want real change you have to MAKE real change. Don't let this get you down! You have the power to manifest the things you want. Now get out there and make it happen!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Ways to celebrate the Fall Harvest

With the upcoming Autumn (hooray!) comes a shift in the mood of the earth that accompanies every changing season. I thought I'd write a post on some of my favorite ways to celebrate fall as well as some that have been shared with me! Please comment anything you like to do that I haven't mentioned!

1. Go on a walk! Around the neighborhood or a nearby park would be good, but the most effective option would be to go to a nearby forest, lake, mountain, river, desert, or canyon, whatever nature you have around you, go out in it. Go far enough from other people that you have some time alone, just you and the living, breathing earth below, around, and above you.

2. If you have a garden, flower beds, fruit trees, etc, give some extra face time to your plants, spritz them with water and maybe even treat them to some natural plant food (can be found in sprays or soil like form, and contain extra nutrients. You can also sit and read out loud to them, sing to them, trim heavier leaves, branches, etc. This extra attention will strengthen your little plants and encourage them to grow big and full.

3. If you don't have a garden that's okay! Go to a nearby farmers market and purchase some fruits, veggies and herbs from them, it's supporting local farmers, plus it's fresher and MUCH better for you than anything you'll find in a grocery store! Maybe even buy a few extras to give to a friend or family member. Fresh fruits and vegetables don't cost much and you have no idea how much that gesture can do for someone who may really need it! Pay it forward!

4. Host a Dinner, BBQ or a Bonfire, invite your close friends and/or family and ask everyone to bring a homemade dish that reminds them of fall and the harvest. Everyone gets to try things that they may not have tried before and you don't have all the work of cooking fall upon you! Light some citronella candles to ward off pesky bugs and the aroma is also pleasing and encourages good conversation!

5. (Optional) Now this one is for those of us that are inclined towards rituals and spell work.
Set up your sacred circle outside! It's not that hard to throw some candles, crystals, sage and salt or whatever you'd like to use into a tote and take it out into your backyard or even better, on a hike into the local nature.

Hope you enjoyed these suggestions! Again, if you have any more I'd love to hear about them! I'm sure I'll be updating this post as I think of more as well. :)
Honestly the most important thing is kindness.
Blessed be!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Crystal Spotlight: Citrine

Citrine, a bright yellow/clear stone represents using imagination and will for manifestation of dreams, passions and hard work. It is a stone of the sun and has warm energizing and comforting vibrations. It is used in meditation to wake up the chakras and and to clear your mind of any fog and stimulate your soul into action. Encourages creation, imagination and transformation. 
It is a joyful stone with bright energy which lights up many aspects of lives of those who work with it. It has energies of good fortune and good luck, though these may appear in unexpected ways. Use to encourage a fresh beginning and be open to new pursuits.
Just got a whole batch of these lovelies in!Some of these will be in kits, some will be wire wrapped into pendants, etc 

Use code GRANDOPENING for free shipping.

Healthy Veggie Breakfast Burrito Recipe

Hi everyone! I wanted to try making some freezable breakfast burritos that were healthy and in which I knew all the ingredients (because yikes! those burritos in the freezer aisle are sketchy!)
Try it out, switch it up as you please and let me know what you think!

Healthy Veggie Breakfast Burrito
1 orange bell pepper
1 yellow bell pepper (but you can use whatever colors you want)
2 small zucchini squash
one yellow onion
red quinoa
black beans
hemp oil (but you could use olive or coconut)
3 brown eggs, scrambled with nutritional yeast, salt, pepper and cayenne pepper
green chile sauce
fresh spinach

Made three burritos, double as necessary

I added feta cheese but that is definitely optional
an egg substitute could be exchanged for the eggs to make this recipe vegan. :)

Welcome to my Blog!

Well Met! I am Emily Rose, a cat lady, a Leo, a gypsy, a witch-in-training and also just a regular 24 year old broke girl and I will be posting on a variety of earthy, holistic, health and witch related topics! I am a bubbly emphatic eclectic old soul in a young body living in the attic of an old house downtown in a small city in the middle of nowhere; just starting to discover the world of magick, herbs, oils, crystals, sacred geometry, astrology, divination and so much more! I made this blog so I could not only have a place to gather all helpful information on all my favorite topics, but also to share with you things old and new!

I recently opened an online shop called A Witch In The Attic. This has been a dream of mine for a while that through the encouragement of my friends and family as well as my own hard work and determination has finally been made into a reality! It's very small right now but it's growing! I sell a variety of products, my personal favorite being my homemade altar kits- themed multi-use spell kits that include everything you need plus instructions to do a variety of rituals, such as Good Fortune, Protection and Strength, Healing, and Opening Your Third Eye. I also sell Teacup Candles, wire wrapped jewelry and homemade body products!

Please check it out, maybe favorite a few things!
I'm also on instagram as @awitchintheattic and on facebook as A Witch In The Attic! Connect with me! I'm very interested in becoming acquainted with like minded souls.
Thank you and Blessed be