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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tarot Reading for the week:

Hello everyone! I'm looking for a new job right now which can be exciting but also definitely a struggle! So I thought I'd draw a few cards for some guidance and strength. Here's what I came up with! It's always good to take a look at what you're doing and how you'd like to change it, and hopefully it will speak to you as well. This also fits in very well with the advice from yesterdays post about 8/8!

Card one:  Two of Wands
Question: Why did this happen?
The Two of Wands shows a need for a fresh start, to explore new places and to follow your dreams. The last stage of your life you spent doing or being something and being very good at it. Now, you have a desire to step out of your comfort zone, stretch your reality and explore unfamliar territory.
This card indicates that you may be facing a major change in your lifestyle, that you have outgrown the boundaries you previously placed on yourself and you are ready to reach out and make those changes. 

Card two:  Ten of Swords (reversed)
Question: Am I on the correct path?
This card represents the end of a difficult time in your life, that the pain and stress you have been plagued by is coming to an end, and that the road ahead of you is rising above the darkness you previously were surrounded by. Material things become less important and the spiritual journey closer and more connected to you than ever.
Reversed, the ten of swords reminds us that for real changes in your life to be lasting, they must take root inwardly as well. Everything about the situtation and the attitude behind it needs to be examined before you move forward.

Card three:The World (reversed)
Question: What is the main obstacle facing me?
The World card is all about completion and renewel and represents a shift in your perspective and new beginnings. 
When reversed, the World suggests that events may be slowing down for you, things may feel stagnant, you may be frustrated by being on a plateau or blocked from moving forward and up. 
Don't let yourself get too hung up on this, because there are changes happening underneath the surface that you aren't able to see or feel. Once you are able to empower yourself enough to move forward, these changes and possiblities will make themselves known to you.

Card four: Knight of Pentalces (reversed)
Question: What is helping me?
Your approach to life must be simple and straightforward. Stay grounded and you will reap the benefits of your hard work and discipline. 
Reversed, the card suggests that lately responsibilities have been weighing too heavily and because of that you have been stressed and burdened. Shed that which you do not need to worry about and concentrate on the things that matter!

Card five: Four of Cups
Question: How can I continue making progress?
This card in a reading suggests that help will come from an unexpected source. Keep your eyes open for all possibilities because the solution to your problem may come about in a surprising way. It is your responsibility to pay attention when these opportunities arise because they aren't going to wait around forever. Be wary of your own stubbornness and determination to do things your way, as your way may not always be the most effective. 

Hope this was able to help you as much as it did for me!
Blessed be!

PS: found this tarot spread outline and questions in a post on tarotforum.net , reading by me.

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