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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Reading for the Full Moon July 2017

The card I drew today for the full moon was The High Priestess! This is such a cool synchronicity, because not only does she rule the Moon and the realm of dreams, but she is a symbol of great power and occult wisdom, and encourages us to use our similar deep connection and inner abilities for spiritual growth rather than any outward display of might. She is subtle, mysterious, and forgiving! She represents the power of intuition and the ability to listen to and act on inner guidance.
This card being drawn in conjunction with the moon being Full reminds us to listen rather than talk, which is a good reminder in all situations, but especially now, when we are thick in the hustle of summer and distracted by all the noise and lights from every day life. Slow down. Take a deep breath. Take a seat and observe the situation from above rather than at face value. Make any decisions based on your intuition rather than judging from the heart or mind, both of which can often be clouded by bias, pride, indecision or other mental or emotional blocks. The High Priestess collects all available knowledge before making a wise and intuitive choice. Take heed also of your dreams around times of the full moon, and if you are so inclined, try writing them down and comparing them after a few nights to see what different elements and themes are included. Things that appear in a dream have meaning! Your brain is processing and storing information and memories while you are sleeping, as well as working out different problems, situations, worries, or fears in what seems like a random, jumbled up dream can actually be much more under the surface.

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